Understand Your Visitors.
Improve Your Conversion Rate.

Get a full overview of your visitors,  insights

including    Session Replays  and   Heatmaps ,
alongside all    Traffic Analytics .

Get insights about your visitors,
including   Session Replays 

and   Heatmaps ,

alongside all   Traffic Analytics .

Free Trial.  No credit card required.

Blazing Fast, Feather Lite

Fastest & Lightest

Snapshot is the fastest, lightest behavioral analytics solution – by far.

Our Lite Recording™ & individual database design result in unbeatable speed & the lightest load.


We are the only product on the market that does not negatively impact your site speed and load time – 



being the only solution trusted for critical landing pages and serious SEO projects.


Privacy & Security Sandbox

Security Sandbox

Separate database, platform, and resources per account.

We generate a private database & platform for each account – creating unparalleled sandboxing.

We create a unique personal platform ‘instance’, fully sandboxed, just for you.

This is a whole other level and unprecedented layer of security, non existent in any other similar solution.


GDPR, CCPA & Data Privacy

Data Privacy

Full GDPR & CCPA compliance, hosted on EU servers

Fully GDPR & CCPA compliance ready,

hosted on EU servers

Our hosting facility is amongst the best guarded in Europe, and being based in Germany –

provides the stringent-most data privacy and safety protection in Europe and the world. 

Replay the
of Each
Individual Visit

See your website through the eyes of your customers and their personal experience interacting with it from A to Z, ● live or by watching a full replay of their visit.

Filter visitors by your preferred criteria, and choose to watch at original speed or glance through a quickview, skipping all pauses and speeding up.

Get a Heatmap
of All
or Selected Visits

Get a representative behavioural snapshot of a selected traffic section, or the action summary of all your visitors.


See how far people read your content, what draws their attention, and what’s most important to them through viewing their focus points.

See Full Scope
and Your
Traffic Overview

Get access to a wide range of robust stats and analytics on all essential data points.


Understand your conversion funnels, see where visitors come from, what pages they browse, where they drop out and what makes them follow through.


All with an easy to use, intuitive, yet exceptionally powerful interface.