Our Snapshott

We’re everything that’s nessecary – to get a full and concise “Snapshot„ of what visitors do on your website, perfectly crafted to guide you towards actionable steps, conclusions & optimization.

The Analytics

An actionable dashboard, showing a full overview of all your immediate essentials.


Accessible through a single screen, vital information is distilled into its essence, presented in a perfectly structured layout.

Smart Filter Segmentation

Smart Filters, empowering every section of the platform, is a tool providing an easy & robust way to get spot on info with surgical precision.


Get the exact insights you need, right away.

Session Recording

One of the most powerful tools in existence, to get a direct sense, feel and understanding of how real visitors use your website, react to your funnels, copywriting and UI.


See a full recording of each individual visit, with every click, scroll, and mouse movement.


Pause, speed-up & skip pauses for maximum efficiency.


The “sum up” version of all your recorded sessions, presented as a singular static visual representation,


helping you make sense of interest areas, user preferences and behaviour in a visual way.


Generate a heatmap for every device type and based on any action you want the overview of.

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