Snapshott has been founded by a team of veteran online entrepreneurs looking for an all in one solution for their websites, e-commerce and campaign monetization needs.

The Goal: Creating a tool encompassing all that’s necessary – while decluttering all that’s not.

An all-round Analytics, combined with essential Behavior tracking Optimized to perfection: being Lite & Fast.

Our main advantage – is beating all the existing tools on the market when it comes to Page Speed – adding nearly no extra load time to your web pages, ensuring top SEO score potential.

Convert users with Snapshott

Influence User Behavior

Using heatmaps to fully visualize your user’s behavior, gives your an unfair advantage to engineer exactly what you want the user to do on your website.

Make Them Take The Action You Want

Session recordings will allow you to understand exactly what is missing on your page, to make your conversion rate go 10x.

Focus On Data That Matters

See the whole picture: Use Snapshott analytics tools to master every step of the customer journey.

Connect The Dots, Make Them ConvertMake your website make more money

Data Is Nothing Without Purpose

Know what makes your users buy
Discover what makes them tick
Make them take the action you want