Why Snapshott

Our main advantage – is beating all the existing tools on the market when it comes to Page Speed – adding nearly no extra load time nor browser processing usage to your web pages, ensuring top SEO score potential.

Fastest, Lightest

We developed an industry-first relative coordinate recording technology, Lite Recording™, leaving nearly no browser resource load footprint, and no page load time speed impact.


An important technological advancement allowing us to take speed (and security!) even further, is being the first and only to develop a unique database separation solution ensuring your server communication, read and write time isn’t impacted by sharing a database with tens of thousands of others.

Most Secure & Safeguarded

We create a personal private database for each account, generated automatically upon registration.


This is a complex and pioneering solution, that has been crucial to ensure a whole new level of privacy, security and speed – sandboxing and securing your data, fully separating it from that of any other customer.

Top Data Privacy

Beyond not sharing your database with any third parties, we fulfill and beat all privacy requirements – while being hosted on EU servers.


We’re providing you full control of any recording settings, being ready for full compliance with any existing or future data regulations: GDPR & CCPA to name the least.